I Love It

Check out this page for nouns we can’t get enough of. Things we’ve discovered previously, things we find on our travels, things we are lusting after or super neat stuff. If we think you need to know about it, you’ll find it hither.

1. The BEST slippers since ever.

I’ve had my Padraig’s for 6 years now. When the woolen upper started to detach from the leather sole this past summer (DEVASTATION), the family-run company responded quickly to my query/complaint and offered to send a patch kit. I received the patch kit promptly and now continue to enjoy my slippers on the daily. This purchase is SO worth it.

2. Enviro-friendly, DIY blog.

Little House in the Suburbs is a fantabulous site, teaching you how to make everything from lotion bars, to grout cleaner, and giving tips on gardening and healthy cooking. I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of the contents of this site…

3. Teeki and Onzie – my second, much more colourful, skin.

Well, this pants just make me happy. And apparently me wearing them makes a lot of other people happy too – every time I wear them I get compliments, including 5 in one day from a variety of people, male and female, in Venice Beach/Santa Monica pier area.  They’re cheaper than Lulu and both made in USA, which to me is preferable to overseas somewhere. Even better, the Teeki pants are made from recycled plastic bottles. Could it get ANY better?!

Click HERE for Teeki and HERE for Onzie.

4. Sneaker inserts: my heroes

Have you ever suffered from sore feet or stinky shoes when travelling? Well let me assure you, get yourself some padded sneaker inserts, even the half ones, and your feet will thank you. I’ve put them in both my pairs of flats and I have NEVER been so comfortable and pain free before. What a difference! The kind I have right now are called proform I believe, probably by Dr Scholls and they are unbelievably awesome. Highly recommend!

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