Zion National Park

Zion indeed! The scale and beauty of this place is insanely lovely and incredible. We visited in April and had just had 2 days to explore; this is what we did:

-Angel’s Landing (WOW)
-Overlook (also wow)
-Emerald Pools

Beautiful Zion colours
Canyon Overlook
Hiking buddies
Angel’s Landing climb



The view North from the Angel’s Landing trail

Angel’s Landing was definitely the highlight. It is best started earlier in the day because it can be quite hot and sweaty which to me, detracts from the beauty of the hike.  The last little bit of it is a bit freaky – there are huge drop-offs on either side of the trail and it can be quite windy. When we were up there, a sudden hailstorm came up and boy was it terrifying! I attached myself to another couple leaving the top ASAP while Linda and Austin lingered in the rain. Much braver than I am!

Look at that skinny trail!
This way up…phew!
Views from Angel’s Landing trail
Emerald Pools trail
Emerald Pools
Emerald Pools trail



To know:
-Some parts of Zion are not accessible to car traffic – there is a shuttle that runs regularly up the valley to drop off and pick up at the various trailheads.
-The Subway requires a permit – I believe it is done by lottery – and it is a strenuous hike. The Narrows is a different hike, and does not require a permit and is a day hike.
-There are plenty of accommodations around the park and there is camping within the park – reserve well in advance during busy summer months.

Next time:
The Narrows and the Subway.

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