Who We Are

Gill (L) and Leah (R)
Gillian (L) and Leah (R)

This blog was originally started 5 years ago in late 2013, to document the road trip of a lifetime, Gillian driving, and Leah riding shotgun, in charge of snacks, navigation, and music. We had both just graduated nursing school and I (Gillian) needed to drive my car and all my stuff back from New Brunswick to B.C., Canada. Not wanting to drive through the desolate wasteland of snow that is Canada in winter by myself, I cooked up a tasty itinerary and roped Leah into joining me. We decided to write each day about our experiences, partially to try and get on the Ellen show when we got to LA, but mostly for our friends and families.

We met in nursing school in 2011, but our paths had crossed previously, unknowingly, as English teachers in Korea. Gillian lived in Ulsan from 2009-2011 and Leah lived just down the road in Busan during the same period of time. We even figure we were in the same temple near Busan on Buddha’s birthday one year!

Gillian hails from North Vancouver, B.C., Leah, from Halifax, N.S. and both of us share a love of travel….and chocolate…and coffee…and hot yoga. And thus, a great friendship was born! Between the two of us, we’ve been to over 50 countries and all across Canada.

These days, I (Gillian) write all the blog posts about my travels. Leah is still my #1 travel buddy and we usually do at least one big trip a year, but I do head out with my mum/mother-in-law, my partner, other friends, or solo as well.

Anything else you’d like to know? Tweet @tRNscontinental or find us on instagram @trnscontinental and @wanderlust_leah or leave a comment!

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