Driving the PCH-ish

January 17th, 2014

LA to San Francisco

Alright, super sorry, but there aren’t really any photos to accompany this blog post, and this is kind of more to account for our day, and of course, what we ate, mainly because I was doing the driving. There should be some food and scenery pics up on FB tho, especially under Leah’s account.

We left LA around 0845 in the morning and headed out to take the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) up to San Francisco. We started out well, enjoying the scenery up through Malibu and stopped for a pretty delish coffee at Cafecito Organico (http://cafecitoorganico.com/), then continued on, fully caffeinated. We had lunch at In n Out, apparently a Cali staple. I had just some cheesy fries and a vanilla shake, while Leah had a burger & fries and chocolate shake. I am told the burger was VERY delicious. The shake was certainly good, although I felt like I could hurl after, it was so rich! They make their fries on site, which is pretty cool, as we saw the poor sop whose job it is to take the freshly peeled potatoes and put them through the fry splitter machine.

We kind of got side-tracked from the PCH here, as Park Gar Min lead us astray and we must have missed the street signs directing us to the 1 (aka PCH), but it was still a pretty drive, through the farmlands of Cali. Lots of moos and neighs along the way, and no, I have still managed to not pick up any animals to take home with me! We eventually made our way back out to the 1, and ended up coming into San Francisco through San Jose-ish and a very, very windy mountainous road (lots of fun to drive!). Elva also turned 13,000 this drive. She is holding up admirably!

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