Day 2 in San Fran with Hogle Goes Global Tours

January 19th, 2014

San Francisco

Today was absolutely amazing. May I just say that my friend Erica is pretty much the BEST tour guide around. We were joking all day that her truck was our tour bus and we were going to rate her on Yelp. She even let us make some decisions about our day’s activities by ourselves… 😉

We started our day with It’s Its. These are AWESOME San Francisco traditional food, which have been around since 1928. This consists of two traditional style oatmeal cookies with ice cream filling (either mint, vanilla, or chocolate), covered in dark chocolate coating. So, basically, the best ice cream sandwich ever. Personally, I’m a fan of the mint ones, but the vanilla are also tasty.

Our first destination on the tour was the Golden Gate bridge. It is as cool in person, and even more cool when you not only find parking, but the person whose spot you are taking offers you their parking ticket with 45 minutes left on it! 🙂 Yeahhhh!!! The bridge was quite cool and we found yet another photog impaired person to take our photo. Note: when someone asks you to take their photo, get the interesting object they are posing in front of IN THE PICTURE! I mean….



After the bridge, we headed for Burmese food in Inner Richmond. It was so tasty!! We had tea leaf salad, which was so tasty and unique, that the waitress told us we were not allowed to take pictures of it… ><

We also had balada, which is kind of similar to the Malaysian fried bread, some really good green beans, Mandalay Special Noodles (awesome), and Burmese Iced Tea (yum). Burmese food is quite similar to Thai or Malaysian. Very very tasty either way!

Having ticked two items off our list prior to 1pm, we were quite pleased with ourselves. We headed next to the Painted Ladies, so called because of the style of house they are modelled after, that being Victorian or Edwardian in nature. This is where Full House’s opening credits were shot. So cool! They are located on Steiner St around the 722-730ish block. 


Once we’d finished at Painted Ladies, we headed to the Haight Ashbury district, which is where hippie-ness was born and still lives today.We looked around a number of neat stores and soaked up the vibe.


Afterwards, we headed to drop Leah off at the airport and took in the sights of the Castro (gay district) and Noe. Both neighbourhoods appeared like a LOT of fun!

Dropping off Leah was sad since it was saying goodbye for the near future for me, to a wonderful travel partner! I’m quite sure we’ll meet again tho!


After dropping her off, we headed to the Palace of Fine Arts which is really beautiful. We witnessed a group of about 4 people having a dinner party in the park, white table cloth, candles, and all! Makes me want to throw an impromptu park dinner party!!

We ended the evening with some awesome Korean food at “My Tofu House” in Richmond area. We had veggie pajeon and veggie sun dubu chigae. YUM!!! 

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