The End…for now

So I guess that I should do a brief wrap-up of the trip, as I left it hanging after San Francisco, huh?

Well, that’s mainly because it really wasn’t that exciting after San Francisco! I picked my Dad up Tuesday morning at the airport. He NEVER comes in to the airport when I come home (ok, maybe like once). He usually circles around outside while my mum comes in. Or they make me take the Canada line, with  a backpack, and a handbag, and two massive suitcases, one of which has a broken handle, which causes you to have to drag it lopsidedly while people stare at you in pity and wonder. But I digress. When I emailed that I would see him OUTSIDE the international terminal, clearly I meant walk outside the doors….as if I’m paying for parking! He thought that meant inside, outside of international arrivals. As I circled and circled and circled and circled….he wandered around inside before finally calling to find out where I was. Lol. I wasn’t too annoyed…I had sushi to go to eat while I waited.

Anyhow, we made it from SF to Sutherlin, OR that day. My Dad was quite chatty the entire way (unusual for him), and it was nice to have someone else to drive for a bit. There is totally gorgeous land in Northern California. It is mountainy and foresty and quite lovely on the whole. Oregon is also quite pretty, and the “Guesthouse” we stayed at was conveniently located, quiet, and clean, by all accounts. Apparently the breakfast juice was made from some kind of syrup, which seemed strange tho.

The next day we set off for home, stopping for new tires in Oregon because of the no-tax there. Very wonderful. The guy at St. John’s Tire Factory was very accommodating and great with my father-of-many-questions. Because we didn’t take the scenic drive up the coast, I can’t say the drive was anything exciting apart from driving through the middle of Seattle, which is always pretty.

Piece of advice, from the mouth of a border dude officially: “99.9% of us do not care if you are over the limit by a couple hundred dollars”. Haha, just as I suspected, take that Dad!

Anyhow, from now on, it’s study study study, and job-hunt for me. No trips planned, except for one to the Okanagan next month. I will endeavour to blog about that, although I’m not sure how much fun it will be in comparison to the one we just finished. I’ll be in the Greater Vancouver area for a bit, but hope to move up to the Okanagan or the Kootenays in the near future. Hopefully, lots of trips around BC to post about once that happens!

Travel wisely, with an open heart. ❤ Gillian

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