Day 2: Take me to (a) Bath

Day 2: Bath, UK

Today we decided to get up quite early to take a visit to Bath where our dear friend Lizzie lives. She was also in Korea with Shamsa and I! so we had quite a lovely reunion and reminisce of our times together in Korea and abroad.


We started our day with a visit to Bath Abbey. It was absolutely amazing the amount of history and the sheer age of the things there. This was my first Europan church ever so was most exciting. There are engravings on the floor of the church which are actually tombstones which denote the details of the person entombed below them. Yes below, meaning you are walking on people!

From there we headed for a visit to the Roman Baths. What an interesting site. Could not believe the Romans had been there and had such a prosperous and busy complex! My favourite part was seeing the ‘curses’ that people who had been wronged in some way had written, well, engraved, onto small metal tablets. Their complaints were such trivial things such as a suspected pair of stolen gloves. Although if you ask me, could’ve been that they’d actually just lost their gloves! They had a great audio guide system so highly recommend this visit for historical relevance and beauty.


From there, we adjourned to the Coeur de Lion pub – smallest pub in Bath, owned by the only brewery in Bath, opened around 1749, and possibly the only pub in the UK called that. We had a pint there which was lovely, and sat catching up. We moved for lunch over to The Scallop Shell for an awesome lunch. Really excellent service and an awesome staff!


After stuffing ourselves there, we went for a walk up to The Crescent, which is a gorgeous spot where people are actually living. Apparently, they film many period pieces there. With that done, and town pretty much seen, we headed to search out Sham Castle. Shamsa was very excited to see her castle so after a bit of searching we found it just near the Bath Golf Club. It’s really just a folly, so it’s only the front facade of a castle, but it was still rather grand and offered a lovely view of the city at sunset.


With that done, we said our goodbyes and headed back off to London!

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