Day 8: “Is that the bus station?” “No, it’s a mosque!”

Day 8: Istanbul to Selçuk via Izmir

 Today we caught a flight to Izmir, where we had considered stopping for a few hours to look around but it was really quite rainy so we skipped that entirely and easily caught the train from the airport to Selçuk. The Izmir airport is very nice and they were handing out flowers for International Women’s Day upon arrival. 🙂

The train ride to Selçuk was uneventful other than the fact that they didn’t announce that we were in Selçuk so we had a bit of a kerfuffle getting off with our massive packs in short order. Pretty sure I may had slightly bruised several Turkish people with that mad dash! At that point, going off the website I think, we headed to the bus station to catch our shuttle to Atilla’s Getaway. Little did we know that the 3 girls from India just down the platform from us were going to the same place and we could’ve gotten a ride from the station directly! Anyhow, we snagged directions and went in search of bus station. We thought maybe we were getting close when we saw a large building with a few buses and lots of people outside. However, please refer to the title of this post now…


Luckily we did find the bus station, just down from the mosque and soon headed to Atilla’s with the awesome Carlos. That afternoon, we settled in and learned that falling into a deep pool that is drained for winter will leave you with a broken leg with pins and plates. Get well soon, Atilla! 😉


We spent the rest of the afternoon taking a hike up the mountain behind the hostel, which gave a beautiful view of Selçuk and then having a delicious supper prepared by Atilla’s mother. We really enjoyed conversing with the 3 Indian girls staying there too. Such funny girls! One of the major reasons I travel – the amazing people that you meet!

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