Day 25: The fanciest backpackers are allowed in Dead Sea Resort despite lack of child.

Day 25: Madaba to Dead Sea

We had a relaxed morning today, enjoying the terrace seating for breakfast at Moab Land Hotel and then making our way to the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex which is run by the RSCN as well. This site has an excellent museum as well as a beautiful look out over the Dead Sea with views over to Israel.



In the car looking at our check-in information, Leah was like,  “um, do you have a child stashed somewhere that I’m unaware of? Because this reservation is for two adults and a child!” It seemed that I had clicked something incorrectly when making to booking!

When we got to the Dead Sea Spa Hotel where we were staying and made it through the gates, we were quite happy to be able to check in early. The receptionist also had quite a sense of humour: when we told him we didn’t have a child and I’d not noticed that was included in our reservation he said with total deadpan, “well you need to go get a child or you can’t stay”. I, of course, thought he was serious, but Leah saw through his charade and in the end, no child was needed.
Our room was really lovely with a view of the Dead Sea and the West Bank. We found it quite cute that everything in the room was able to be purchased, right down to the kettle, should you find something you really liked.

We quickly donned our suits and headed down to the water. The water was quite warm at the top but chilly further down although because of the buoyancy this was not an issue. It’s actually crazy, you really can’t help but float in the water because it is so saline. Even when you try to stand, it just flips you back over.

The Dead Sea float

Can't stand!

We both tried the Dead Sea mud next and it was so neat feeling. We both washed it off within 5 minutes, but Leah’s fair skin was stained by it. Insta fake tan!


The rest of our day was a delight of relaxing poolside and ordering in room service (excellent food here). Would definitely recommend this hotel to others!

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