This post is only about 4 years overdue…. what can I say? Life happened and I got distracted living in the moment.

I have to say though, in retrospect, the things that stick out are still really vivid and I think those are the important things, the ones worth mentioning.

For instance, the fellow in the first picture below, Cuelli Mangui. He is an absolutely amazing artist. I still follow him, every time I look at the pieces that I bought from him, I am reminded of this trip.

I remember the walking tour, I do love a good walking tour. Our tour guide was dressed like Where’s Waldo, and he showed us all the most fantastic examples of the incredible street art that Valpo is known for.

I also really remember the alfajores, caramel between two shortcake like cookies, dipped in chocolate, and the empanadas we got from this elderly man in a tiny shop this was part of his home, up this steep side street (ok that’s the majority of Valpo streets), while on our walking tour. We had to knock and call his name, and then he came and opened up to share the deliciousness. 😀

I remember loving the funiculars. I mean, come on, the word FUN is right in the name.

I remember the ancient, sprawling old home that we stayed in, inhabited by one old man with a love of music, and being struck by the thought of everything he had seen and done in his life, and all the moments that house had seen over the years.  I remember eating sushi on the floor on our last night there because it was all that we could do to go and grab take-out from around the block after hoofing it up and down the hills of Valpo for 2 days.

I remember drinking fluffy water, I remember laughing, and I remember making the best memories with my dear friend Ellen on this trip.


With artist, Cuelli Mangui


Overlooking Valpo
One of the amazing murals of street art we saw, and our guide, not Waldo



The jumbled tangle of staircases and electrical wires that is Valpo.


Fishing boats in the harbour
Just a couple tourists in hats
Ellen, wonderful travel buddy, posing with the cobbled streets and colourful houses

The Best of Mexico 2019

A brief summary – will try to flush this out with pictures and details soon.

Towns (in order of favourite)

San Cristobal de las Casas




Oaxaca City




San Jose Del Pacifico

San Miguel de Allende





Monte Alban


El Chiflon – Chiapas

Cascadas El Aguacero – Chiapas near Tuxtla

Hierve el Agua – Oaxaca


Strongly Disliked

Puerto Vallarta

Pretty much anywhere touristy (Sayulita, Acapulco, Tulum area)


Favourite Overnights

San Carlos Beach Camp

Renee’s place near Puerto Escondido

Sandy’s Place in Michoacan – Rancho Buganvillea

Los Organos in Jalisco

Any of the beaches we stayed at down the West Coast of the mainland.