Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York!

We’re here we’re here! After a long day of driving, through often craptastic conditions, we’ve arrived in NYC!

IMG_8968 IMG_8965

We met in Moncton on Thursday morning at 11:30 after Leah drove up from Halifax with Ali, Dunc & Grace. We tossed her bags into the car, took a few pictures and hopped in to exchange pre-roadtrip Christmas presents! We set off and Leah was quickly introduced to our new Korean roadtrip companion, Park Gar Min. AKA Gillian had reconfigured our GPS to speak Korean to us throughout our trip.

We hit a bit of snow on our way to the border and throughout northern Maine but nothing that Gill, Gar Min and Leah couldn’t handle! We ate some delicious Christmas leftovers and sweets supplied by Gillian’s east coast mom, Susan! While that brightened our trip through northern Maine, we can’t say we warmed to it and we were SO happy to eventually cross the border into New Hampshire! Gillian says the only good parts of Maine are Katahdin, Acadia NP and the sweet Starbucks employee who was the recipient of our first name/blog card and who gave us some NYC advice! Our friendship almost ended twice when I asked Gill if she liked “Rent” and “Glee”…. She replied she likes “Rent” and is fond of ALL cheeses…. Ummm Glee Gillian, not Brie! Regardless, crises averted!

When we were driving through Massachusetts, singing along to “How Bizarre” and started harmonizing without realizing it, I knew this was the beginning of a beautiful trip!! We finally reached Mo’s apartment in New York’s Upper West Side by around 1:30 in the morning. The drive was great from Boston on, pretty much, and while we’d like to report very exciting stories, in fact, we can’t tell you much except for the toll booth employees were very friendly, Park Gar Min is to be trusted, and without fail, every time we pulled off the road to try and find a washroom and/or coffee and/or gas station, there would end up being a rest plaza just a mile down the road when we got back on the highway. Shoulda kept going…..

Cross all your fingers and toes that we don’t have our car broken into and with that, we are off to sleep for a well-deserved rest!!



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