Day 2: Manhattan, also known as Manhaten.





Today consisted of A LOT of walking. After getting a good nights sleep, starting our day with some Contemporary Dancing and Wrecking Ball, receiving the help of a kindly doorman at the building two doors down, and playing the dances with street cleaner and parking restrictions game, we secured a spot right across from our friend’s apartment where we can leave our car until we leave on Monday morning. YAY! 

Our most important next destination was coffee. We tried a place that our friend suggested to us, called Joe, on Columbus at 85th. The coffee was great, the people were friendly, and we were happy to continue in the cold streets of Manhattan. After that, we paid a quick visit to Lululemon by Lincoln Centre so Gillian could use up a gift card. Despite the cute items (really nice pair of gloves was purchased!) and no sales tax, Lulu did not win any more favours from us, due to the sassy sales dude. NO sir, these pants are NOT too tight….they’re yoga pants you fool!


We continued on with the mission of obtaining some long awaited Korean food for lunch. This took us by Trump Tower, the Globe statue, and some random giant snails (DO NOT TOUCH!) where we met some pretty cute strangers who got us to take their picture. We handed them our name card, and told them we’d post their photo up here, so HEY! if you guys are reading our blog! 🙂



Leah was soon introduced to the madness that is Times Square and once we had waded our way through that mess, we had arrived in Koreatown. What an amazing place! We felt like we were back at home in Korea. We had bibimbap, kimchi jjigae, and the usual assortment of side dishes for lunch at Kum Gang San (coincidence that that is the name of the little brother in Boys Over Flowers? I think not.), then hit up The Face Shop and a bookstore. It felt so great to be in Korea again! 

Since we were so close to the Flatiron District and I was hoping for some fig focaccia from Eataly, we dragged our fairly full bellies down that way. Leah picked up some excellent focaccia with fresh tomato and mozzarella and we both tried some grapefruit San Pellegrino, which the checkout girl noted to be very good as margarita mix!


Our last stop of the day was to Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Centre. We watched the Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes at Radio City. It was incredible! The dancing, the sets, the costuming….there were even live camels, donkeys, and sheep. It also had 3-D components and skating, might I add… DEFINITELY dazzling!


We ended our evening with a visit to the skating rink and tree at Rockefeller Centre. Packed, as always, but beautiful!


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