Philly, Baltimore, and cousins reunion!

Disclaimer! This is the bare bones of today because we’ve been reunion-ing with my cousin in DC. More tomorrow!

Today we had to face the cold hard truth: leaving NYC day! 😦 After a rather stressful experience trying to figure out how to secure the roof rack to the car and about 6 people stopping as we were packing trying to shark our spot, we reluctantly departed NYC.


We were excited to enter North New Jersey, as it was announced by a sign to be the “embroidery capital of the world since 1872”. Yippee! Was not exciting as it sounds, let me tell you…

Walked down market street to city hall and the love sign.





Popped into Reading Terminal Market – loved it! Leah had a “famous” roast beef sandwich (no, no Philly cheesesteak – this sandwich called her name!) with roast beef, coleslaw and some kind of special sauce! Gillian had a delicious falafel and carrot, ginger & pineapple juice. We picked up some baked goods, pie for dessert and sandwiches for our drive to Baltimore later. Definitely the highlight of Philly for us both! We walked back for a tour of Independence Hall and walked by where the lib bell is (luckily you can see it through the window because the line was HUGE! And, for the record, it’s much smaller than  expected!).


We got the car and drove to the Singing Fountain only to find that it had been covered over with a Christmas tree and there was no singing or music of any kind…. Moving along we sat in traffic for a while to get to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art aka the Rocky steps. We parked, took in the steps and the rocky statue and drove across the river to Drexel Park which has a nice view of the city skyline. A few jumping pictures later we were back on the road to Baltimore! We split our delicious sandwiches en route, first a salmon, cucumber and lettuce wrap with a spicy lemon mayo (delicious!) then a sandwich with artichokes, mozzarella, spinach and tomato! So good!


-lots, nay excessive amount

s, of honking

-fireworks to welcome us

-closed monuments

-nice Starbucks employees

-city nightview



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