Jan 7th, 2014

So it just occurred to me, I may not have updated my internal clock to 2014, because I seem to be writing 2013 a lot still. The last blog post may even be dated at 2013. Ooops.

Anyhow, today we started off right, more home cooking from Miss Liza, this time in the form of scrambled eggs and coffee. YAY! After much google searching the night before, Liza had figured out we could rent snowshoes from REI (apparently a better version of MEC) and then hit up a trail. We set off bright and early for REI, where we were pretty excited, as the second we pulled into the parking lot, we saw one of the last 5 licence plates we needed to complete our quest to see all 51 – New Mexico. 

The guy in charge of rentals was great. He told us a couple excellent jokes, and sadly we could not tell him one back, so I will include one here for you in case you are ever in a situation where someone asks you for a joke:

What do you call a chicken that crosses the road, rolls in dirt, then goes back across the road?


A dirty doublecrosser!

Anyhow, gear in hand, and a new toque for Leah, we set off into the parking lot, where we saw the second licence plate on our wanted list – Montana! We were pretty stoked at this point. I mean, not even an hour into the day, and we’ve seen two in one parking lot! We joked that we should just stay in the parking lot for the rest of the day. However, if we’d done that….we would not have seen the motorhome from…Alaska!!! It was a bonanza! We could NOT believe our luck.

At that point, we only needed two: North Dakota, and Hawaii. Now, the odds of seeing Hawaii in Colorado are pretty low (I googled it), but we looked up the North Dakota plate as we were driving so we would know what to look for. WELL. Not even 2 minutes after I showed the girls what to look for, I glanced out the window at the car we were coming up to, said, “Hey, what are you?….OH MY GOODNESS!! IT’S NORTH DAKOTA!! NORTH DAKOOOOOOOOOTAAAAAAAA!!” Sure enough, it was. 

So, I guess we only have Hawaii left, and so wish us luck, and a car recently shipped to the mainland!

Our snowshoe along the North Tenmile Creek trail was beautiful: warm, sunny, and just the right amount of workout. I was just pretty happy to be surrounded by mountains again. Image


We spent roughly 2h45m hiking and then grabbed a quick coffee in Frisco before heading back. Not much excitement in the evening as we were all pretty sore and tired. Picked up some snacks for tomorrow and finally found a place to get air for my tires! I’m getting good at this car business…just kidding! Jeramy, I miss you for that!ImageImage



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