Day 30: We’re home!

Wadi Rum – Aqaba – Amman

Today we made our way back from Wadi Rum to Amman. It was a bit sad to leave the quiet and beauty of the desert,  but we were both ready to rinse the sand from our hair and move on. We really enjoyed our desert time and overall would certainly recommend Mehedi and his Bedouin Directions camp for a laid back, unique desert experience.

Leaving the desert

Aqaba is just about a 30 or 40 minute drive from the desert so we decided to go and see if it would be worth a snorkel. Getting there requires passing through a customs stop (?!) in both directions which was really just an annoyance and the town itself is nothing special. The sea looks quite nice, but as we walked up to the litter – strewn beach/water and were leered at for the 57,964th time, we decided snorkeling here was not going to be worth our while, got some ice cream and peaced.

Aqaba seaside

The drive back to Amman was uneventful,  or as uneventful as driving amongst the wild Jordanian drivers can be. We took the King’s Highway, which,  for the record, is a hot mess of uneven paving and endless beige desert interspersed with towns. We both remembered someone having told us that the Kings Highway was scenic but I can assure you that’s not the case!

Having successfully completed our final navigation into Amman and dropped off the rental car,  we rolled home to Hawa Guest House. It truly did feel like coming home, as we let ourselves in, grabbed a drink and a slice of the “cake of the day” (delicious!!), and received some welcome home snuggles from the kitties. How nice to end our journey with this. We were able to have a reunion with Avery, Muath, and Eefje, meet new friends Kelly and Marijke, and find out how Patty had made out trying to move on in her travels. Overall it just had such a whole feeling at the end.

We ate at Jafra that night. Cannot say I enjoyed the environment because I find it really hard to be around that much smoke at any time, let alone indoors (thank you Canadian smoking regulations!!!) but the food was good.

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