Days 31, 32, 33, and 34: Sandstorms and poshness

March 31st: Amman to Abu Dhabi

An uneventful travel day. All our bags safely made it to Abu Dhabi, the Bahrain airport has amazing coffee shop selection, teenage boys continue to be a pain in the ass (who gave them cell phones and cologne anyway?!), Gulf Air also has amazing leg room, and Leah’s friend Sarah is just a spectacular human being. The end.

April 1st: Abu Dhabi

Took it rather easy today. We went to Cafe Arabia for lunch, which was delicious. Hello mutabal (my new fave, a mix of baba ghanoush and hummus kind of), fattoush, and saj! We took in the new souq where we had a very SATC moment in shopping for beaded flats and then popped over to the adjacent mall for some window shopping. For dinner we headed to The Yacht Club, where there is free champagne for ladies on certain nights of the week and had some delicious eats as well.


April 2nd: We were meant to go to Al Ain today but we woke up to a massive sandstorm which effectively rendered us into jammies wearing couch potatoes for the day. This was just as well seeing as I was still fighting some strange GI thing I’d picked up in the desert and the thought of being in the car for an extended time was a little nauseating.

April 3rd: Our big exciting plan for today was to attend one of the staples of Abu Dhabi expat life: the posh brunch. This one was held at 18 Degrees, which is located on the 18th floor of the “bendy building” (apparently more descriptive than the actual name of the building).

We got all dolled up and dined in style with bubbly. The food and service were terrific and the desserts were all Easter themed. Divine!

So fancy



Yes, all those plates were mine. Yes, I felt like vomiting after.

Posh brunch a great success, we briefly stopped in to see Sarah’s boyfriend Humaid at another pub (The Captains Arms, which I’m told has the best fish and chips in Abu Dhabi) before heading home to bed. My tummy was still quite angry with me, and especially more so after all the posh food and bubbly so still hoping this lets up soon!

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